Population: 15,510,711
Capital: Lusaka
Main Languages: English, Bemba, Nyaja, and many other tribal languages
Main Religion: Christian
Median Age: 16.7
Life Expectancy: 52.5


  • The first training was held in October, 2016.
  • Arthur is in training to become a master mentor. He is mentoring one of the local pastors, who is training 25 couples.
  • The need for materials in the local language and cultural context is the highest priority, so they will only be able to start building teams once they have material to work with.
  • We are partnering with Overland Missions, Signs & Wonders International and local churches.
  • Because Silozi has very few emotional words and abstract concepts, instead relying on practical examples to illustrate a point, translating the content from English poses unique challenges.
  • We want every believer in Zambia to come to an understanding of God as a good father who loves them unfailingly.


Arthur Pienaar

Arthur Pienaar was sent to Zambia as a missionary from River of Life Family Church in South Africa with his family in 1999, and joined Overland Missions in 2008. His passion is to establish a heavenly culture through meeting needs, building relationships, mentoring and discipling. He is working with local pastors and leaders to translate TWNAF materials into Silozi (one of the many local dialects), figuring out how to adapt it culturally.


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