Training Reflection: Ukraine (June 2016)

Training Reflection: Ukraine (June 2016)

Training Reflection: Ukraine (June 2016)

During the first day of training in Ukraine I experienced a veil over the minds of those in the room. I sent out a message to our prayer warriors and they stepped up in prayer. On day two we realised that we, and specifically the key pastor, were under spiritual attack — his wife landed up in hospital with serious bleeding. During an intense time of prayer with the group I felt the cloud over our training subsiding, and soon afterwards we heard that the pastor’s wife was completely healed and had been sent home. From that moment the training took on a new dimension and ended on a high, with many of the men testifying about a radical change in their lives. It was great to share this training with a successor of mine, Vian Storm, who is now stepping up to new global responsibilities.

One of the men in the training had been leading a family ministry for some years, and another is a family consultant for the government. It was shocking to hear his report that around 87% of the fathers of the Ukraine are deemed to be ineffective in their fatherhood.

A key experience we realisation we had in Ukraine further confirmed what we had been suspecting: While fatherlessness affects every element of life, different sectors of society need fatherhood training specifically adapted to their context. This will be a new challenge for us over the next few years, to adapt our material to be relevant to sports, schools, prisons, armed and security forces, ministries for the poor, orphans, widows, the elderly, and so on.

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At the end of the training we held a strategic planning session, and the leaders really impressed me with their strategic thinking. Follow up plans were determined and the prospects for the future are bright!

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