Training Reflection: The Philippines (June 2016) Copy

Training Reflection: The Philippines (June 2016) Copy

Training Reflection: The Philippines (June 2016) Copy

“‘I now realise that my life was a complete mess. This is the first time in my life that I have ever experienced real love. Now I am a different man’.

This touching reflection comes from one of the fathers who attended the Master Mentor training at the end of my time in the Philippines. My trip started with a manhood conference which ran the whole of Friday and Saturday, then after giving 3 sermons on Sunday, I facilitated a 3-day Master Mentor course, teaching prospective master trainers during the day and meeting people at night. Although it was tiring, we did not only survive, we thrived in the friendly love of the Filipinos and amazing favour of God! Here are some of the highlights my time there:

  1. Up to 2000 men attended the ‘Man Up!’ conference, and a great many of them testified about real life change.
  2. A group of strong leaders attended the Master Trainers training, and 20 signed up to be Master Trainers. We now have about 40 very capable trainers.
  3. For the first time ever, Jenny presented a separate, complete 3-day training for the wives of the Master Trainers. God gave her amazing favour and 13 women signed up to be Master Trainers in motherhood, but the real benefit was the discovery of how powerfully complementary it is if we train the two groups separately. It is also very clear now that Jenny needs to write a book on motherhood soon.
  4. Wonderful strategic teams emerged to take the process further:
    1. A steering committee with a great mentor
    2. A strategic think tank
    3. A good Church mobilising team
    4. A fatherhood training team
    5. A motherhood training team
    6. Great leaders for specific sectors like schools, orphans, sport etc.
    7. Administrative support for marketing and the translation of the book into the local language
    8. An army of fathers wanting to bring heaven to their homes.
  5. The centrality of the church in the movement. The Christ’s Commission Fellowship Church (a church with 40 000 members) has been the key stimulus of the movement. The Grace Gospel Church (which hosted the Master Mentor training) has become a key partner in the movement. Now the Evangelical Alliance (called the PCEC), representing 34 000 churches, has thrown its weight behind this movement.
  6. The PCEC has thrown their support behind the local sports ministry, and they see the value of the fatherhood-sports ministry collaboration as extremely valuable for their church planting dream.
  7. The exciting prospect of The World Needs A Father movement in partnership with the Family First organisation to enhance healthy family life in the Philippines.

We are very excited to see how the movement flourishes in the Philippines, especially with regards to the women. [bctt tweet=”While fatherhood is our focus, it gives us great joy to see the women training alongside the men.” username=”twnaf”]

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