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empowering mothers in a fatherless generation.

The Mother Design was developed in response to an outpouring of desire from the wives of men who had been to a TWNAF training. The training content speaks to men in depth, but what about the wives? And what about the single mothers? We realised that reaching the fathers was only part of the puzzle; we needed to empower the mothers too.

Part of our goal is to help mothers support their husbands, because the TWNAF vision is counter-cultural and cannot be accomplished alone. But even closer to our hearts is helping mothers and wives understand the unique keys they hold to building a strong marriage and a firm, loving foundation for the family.

“It is time for women of biblical faith to reclaim our territory.
We know the Designer.
We have His instruction manual.
If we don’t display the Divine design of His female creation, no one will.
But if we do, it will be a profound testimony to a watching, needy world.”

Susan Hunt



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