21st Century Dads

21st Century Dads

21st Century Dads

21st century dads are out of sync

The last hundred years have been especially tough on manhood in general, and fatherhood in specific. Men are not men anymore, and fathers are definitely not in the space they need to be with regards to the family. Apart from not knowing how to be dads, they have also largely abdicated their responsibilities as men and fathers.

You can impact the world around you!

Three key things are necessary for you to make an impact in your world:

  1. Actively resist passivity and procrastination.
  2. Take up your responsibility to lead and be a change agent.
  3. Live according to your chosen values with integrity.
Passivity and Procrastination

As devastating as anaesthesia is to energetic participation, so is passivity and procrastination to leadership.

Men have struggled with this since the beginning of time. Some invest all their energy into work or other activities, but are passive at home. Others live under the impression that to be moderate in everything is better than being excellent in one thing and sucking in another.

A call to fatherhood is a call to excellence. Your influence at home will directly impact your wife’s life, and you will inexorably influence your children in every aspect of their lives. However else your personal philosophy guides you, if you only excel in one thing in this life, let it be as a husband and father.

To overcome passivity and procrastination, the following need to be part of the solution:

Choose to make activity and energetic participation a lifestyle. Set small, attainable goals. Get into the routine of eliminating any temptation. If you suddenly find that you have 15 minutes available, don’t put on the television, instead weed the garden, run the dog or trim your favourite bonsai. Remember to reward yourself for the goals achieved. This routine will energize you to do more of the same.


Responsible leaders are not resistant to change

As a man and father everything is your responsibility until you have successfully delegated it. If you can delegate it, good for you, but there are some things you should NEVER delegate:

  • Your personal growth cannot be delegated
  • Being a father cannot be delegated
  • Being a good husband cannot be delegated.

So many of us actually succeed in “delegating” these crucial roles. Three words for you: “Responsible leaders change.” If you are delegating these roles, you need to evaluate why and change it.


You cannot walk in the circle of real men void of integrity

Ostrich mentality is often the order of the day: “If I don’t hear it, see it, or have to think about it, it is not important.” Integrity is the essence of manhood. The longevity of society is dependent on you living with integrity.

If you know your actions aren’t in line with your values, don’t just ignore it. Do something about it!

If you encounter racism, sexism, classism, or anything else that puts one human above another, don’t ignore it. Do something about it!

If you sin against your wife or your family, don’t just ignore it. Confess your sin!

Don’t allow the strong current of the world’s culture to sweep away the values you have chosen. Live with integrity!

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