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Capital: Guatemala City
Main Languages: Spanish
Main Religion: Christian
Population: 15,189,958
Median Age: 21.7
Life Expectancy: 72.3


  • Makko attended a Master Mentor training Mexico in 2017.
  • There are two training facilitators, Makko and Guillermo Cameros
  • We work with the RSG Guatemala team.
  • We have a partnership with the First Lady office to train the staff that works in day cares and jails.
  • Makko is the assistant field director for the Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International Guatemala office, creating an opportunity to share about fatherhood in the activities we run in the communities.
  • Makko’s dream is to share TWNAF in all the communities he visits for his work and ministry. He hopes to find a person of peace in each community to start the training process.


Makko González

Makko González

Makko has a passion for teaching and having fun with children, teenagers and youth of his country whom he sees as the future leaders and heroes that will be catalysts for the change Guatemala country needs. After studying, he held leadership positions in various ministries before serving as a missionary for 5 years. He is currently working in the corporate sector, writing about his experiences in ministry and serving the Assistant Field Director of Baptist Medical & Dental Mission International for Guatemala. He is married and has two children.


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