Fathering Tips

Fathering Tips

Stimulate Growth

Make Your Child’s Growth As Your Priority

“If I am an effective father, it is because I have deliberately set as one of my life’s highest priorities the creation of conditions in my home that will stimulate my children to grow to their full human potential.”
Gordon MacDonald

Effective Fathers Are Not Silent Fathers

Your Voice Can Make All The Difference

Silent fathers have a habit of not saying anything when their voice needs to be heard. When they need to encourage, they don’t. When they need to correct, they don’t. When they need to give guidance, they are silent. Are you a silent father? Get input from your wife or mentors, and if you are a silent father, start speaking up. Your children will appreciate it.

He Who Threatens, Better Follow Through

Keep Your Words And Actions Consistent

It is sometimes necessary to threaten discipline (as long as it doesn’t happen too often), but when you do make sure you attach clear conditions to your warning, and always follow through if the child transgresses. Your child will learn that your word can be trusted, and develop an understanding of cause and effect.

The Power of the Listening Ear

A Father’s Most Valuable Tool

Genuine listening is one of the most powerful tools fathers have in building a healthy family. Put down the phone or magazine, turn off the TV and really pay attention. If you start listening effectively, you will start picking up when encouragement is needed, or when wrong thought patterns need to be corrected. Effective listening can also create opportunity for discussion and interaction with your wife and children.

Love, Love, Love

The Foundation Of It All

Love their mother fervently!

Love them equally!

Love them unconditionally!

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