Population: 24,360,803
Capital: Yaoundé
Main Languages: English, French
Main Religion: Christian, Muslim
Median Age: 18.5
Life Expectancy: 58.5


  • The first training was held in March 2016.
  • We have two main trainers, Ngwend Ntamack and Marius Nsadi, and are busy working with other men who want to become trainers.
  • We are building relationships with the churches to get their leaders involved with TWNAF, so that we can help the people who attend the trainings engage in continuous formation. We are studying the possibility of introducing TWNAF in some schools and universities where we know Christian leaders.
  • Because TWNAF is still very young in Cameroon and there are many ministries that offer services to churches and Christians in general, it is difficult to build momentum.
  • We are trying to network with orphanages and the social services in order to reach the fathers of neglected children, to trained them up as responsible, good fathers.


Ngwend Ntamack
Ngwend Ntamck

Ngwend Ntamack has been a Christian since he was 14, and got married in 2007. He started working with the Ministry of Children and Youth in 2000, and worked with the Ministry AWANA from 2008 to 2014. He has been a pastor since 2007, and works primarily with families. Since receiving the TWNAF training, he has been working hard to build TWNAF in Cameroon.


Mon 17 June

Master Mentor | Cameroon | June 2019

Mon 17 June - Thu 20 June

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