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Population: 9,549,747
Capital: Minsk
Main Languages: Russian, Belorussian
Main Religion: Christian
Median Age: 40.1
Life Expectancy: 73.6


  • The first training was held in March 2017.
  • There are currently 2 active instructors in the country, and we are training another 5.
  • There are 6 people in the core team.
  • Belarus has a terribly low father engagement index, a hgh divorce rate and almost half of the children are raised in single-parent families.
  • We work with the national ministries of health, education, and social development, as well as the mayor’s office in Minsk.
  • We have created an expert council which includes the country’s leading specialists in pedagogy, family psychology and sociology from 3 universities.
  • Currently, they are preparing a scientific-practical conference on the topic of responsible paternity, which is scheduled for 2020.
  • We began to publish the popular science magazine “Paternity”, which is distributed to ministries and departments, deputies of various levels and city leaders.
  • Our vision is the achievement of 40,000 fathers of our country and the creation of a movement that cannot be stopped, the opening of branches in each regional city and district center, which is more than 140 cities. Right now we work only in 4 cities.


Alexander Velichko

Oleksandr Velychko

Alexander was born in Kazakhstan, and studied in Russia. Since graduating in 1996, he has been involved in ministry efforts in Belarus, and startd doing family consultations in 2015. Alexander believes that men are expected to solve the problem of the severed connection between generations, and make every effort to develop a healthy paternity culture in Belarus. As a father and a pastor, he believes that these are the highest vocations for men.


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