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The World Needs a Father

Helping fathers provide proper leadership to their families.


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Looking for fatherhood resources? For books, videos and some interesting fathering tips, read more below.

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2016 Training Outline

For more information about our trainings around the world, or if you are interested in hosting a training yourself, read more below.

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TWNAF Worldwide

For an overview of our involvement worldwide, and contact details for the countries that are active, read more below.

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Mon 31 October

Master Mentor | Malaysia (Petaling Jaya) | Oct/Nov 2016

Mon 31 October @ 09:00 - Wed 2 November @ 16:00
Fri 18 November

Master Mentor | South Africa (Bloemfontein) | November 2016

Fri 18 November @ 08:30 - Sun 20 November @ 15:00
Fri 25 November

Master Mentor & Brilliant Mother | South Africa (East London) | November 2016

Fri 25 November @ 08:30 - Sun 27 November @ 15:00



Positioning fathers for proper leadership

The World Needs a Father (TWNAF) came into being in February 2011 and has as main focus the preparation and training of able men who will train others. Boys need to be prepared for manhood, young men to be fathers one day and fathers need help to provide proper leadership to their families. Fathers must be restored to their God-given place as servant-leaders of their families.

Since February 2011 we have visited 21 countries of the world investigating into the main issues that plague society to discover what the main emphasis of the church should be.

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fathering tips

See some fathering tips and quotes from wise mentors and fathers.


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